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You have a lot more information in terms of shift rates, job description and shift hours which makes
planning and selection of shifts so much easier

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a locum or temporary position?
A locum or temporary position is a medical vacancy for a qualified doctor that is not considered to be permanent. This can range from a single shift of a few hours to a block of shifts over days, weeks or months.
When can I work with MEDIC ONCALL?
Once you have completed your internship and been granted General Medical Registration status you are eligible to work with MEDIC ONCALL.
What level of doctors do MEDIC ONCALL place?
MEDIC ONCALL places doctors from PGY2 to Consultant Specialists.
I am still a student. What can I do to be ready for future work?
Start preparing a detailed CV. Ensure you add all of your clinical rotations, including contact details for your supervising consultant or doctor. Talk to other doctors who have worked or are currently working in locum or temporary positions. Get involved in hospital committees or RMO societies Attend MEDIC ONCALL educational courses to ensure your skills are up to date. Look out for lunches and Coffee Angels events sponsored by MEDIC ONCALL advertised in the doctors' rooms at your hospital.
How long are the shifts?
Positions range from a single 4 hour shift, to 6 month placements.
Do I have to accept any work that is offered to me?
No. At MEDIC ONCALL there are no minimum shift requirements. You decide where and when you work.
I am an international medical graduate or overseas trained doctor - can I work with MEDIC ONCALL?
If you have a 457 Visa status and General Medical Registration you can register to work with MEDIC ONCALL.
What if I have conditions on my Registration?
As a MEDIC ONCALL doctor, you have an obligation to notify us of any conditions on your Registration. MEDIC ONCALL is a non-discrimination organisation and we will make every effort to source positions for you appropriate to those conditions.
Can I take a placement with the hospital where I am permanently employed?
Generally no, you are not able to take a locum or temporary position within your home or parent hospital network. However, there are some exceptions to this. Please ask MEDIC ONCALL about your particular employer.
Can I work interstate?
Yes, MEDIC ONCALL offers positions throughout Australia. However, individual employers may require specific documentation prior to commencement of work. MEDIC ONCALL will advise you if this is the case.
Do I need medical indemnity insurance to work with MEDIC ONCALL?
Yes, it is a requirement of our clients that you hold your own medical indemnity insurance.
Do I need references?
Yes. MEDIC ONCALL requires you to provide three Consultant-level referees who have supervised your work over the past 12 months. For Registrar-level positions we require the names of three Consultant-level referees who have supervised your work in the specific field of medicine in which you wish to work over the past 12 months.
Do I need a Working With Children Check (WWC) and a National Police Check?
Yes. We want you to access the widest choice of jobs possible. By having these documents on file, MEDIC ONCALL increases your chances of being immediately accepted for available positions throughout Australia.
How much will I be paid?
Pay rates are generally in the range of $90.00 to $250.00 per hour. Medic Oncall DOES NOT set the rates of pay for their doctors. Pay rates are determined by employers and are reflective of overtime rates plus loadings if the work is on a casual basis. At Medic Oncall we work with our members and clients to obtain a financial agreement that is both fair and sustainable for both parties.
Will rates of pay differ from job to job?
Yes. Pay rates depend on location, the type of shift you work and/or the time of the shift. Pay rates are set by employers, not by medical workforce agencies.
How will I be paid?
Depending on where you work, you will either be engaged by the client directly or by Medic Oncall’s agency payroll.
Are my travel and accommodation costs covered?
Many employers outside the metropolitan area are happy to cover the costs of travel and accommodation for their temporary practitioners. As a MEDIC ONCALL member, you will also have access to expert advice on salary packaging options and the Living Away From Home Allowance.
How do I find out about temporary, locum and permanent jobs on offer?
First, register with MEDIC ONCALL. We will contact you to discuss your availability, job preferences, and location choice. Then, we will contact you whenever a suitable job becomes available. In addition, as a member you will have full access to our cloud powered Member App which gives you access to information anytime from any device to view and accept shifts, change your availabilities and review your timetable.
How quickly can I start?
That's up to you. As soon as we receive the required documentation from you, MEDIC ONCALL will complete your registration and start finding you jobs immediately.
How do I register with MEDIC ONCALL?
It's simple to become a member doctor with MEDIC ONCALL. Just Click HERE to Register with us.
Email: mail@mediconcall.com.au
Call TOLL FREE 1300 66 22 66 to speak with our friendly and professional
Medical Workforce Service Team
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